Award winning traditional and speciality handmade sausages. Yorkshire free range pork & dry cured bacon for the discerning customer.






Pork Chops


Pork Joints

Pork Selection Box - £30 – Buy Online

A little bit of everything – If you have never tried traditional & rare breed pork this box is for you – we are certain you'll never go back!

Raised on our smallholding in the parish of Bradfield, South Yorkshire - All our pork is outdoor reared and traditional breed. Tradition & Rare Breed Pork not only comes from a happier, more natural pig, but is darker, tastier and makes far better crackling than anything you will ever buy in a supermarket! Our Bacon is Dry Cured and thick cut too – your bacon sandwich will never be the same

  • Box contains:
  • 1 Pork Joint (approx, 2kg)
  • 4 Pork Chops
  • Thick cut, Dry Cured Back Bacon (10 slices
  • 4 Thick Yorkshire Sausages (other flavours available – just ask) (Box contents may vary slightly, but all boxes will be 4kg in weight. Let us know if you have any specific requests)
  • 1 Yorkshire Cured Gammon Joint

Free Range Traditional & Rare Breed Pork Sausages

All natural pork casings

Pack of 4 Thick Sausages £3.50

3 packs for £10 or Value Box 10 packs for £30

Available flavours – Traditional Pork, Award Wining Tomato, Yorkshire Bacon Our bacon is dry cured,

Please contact me to make your individual order

A few words about us

We believe everyone should know where and how their food is raised, and that free range, ethically reared, sustainable meat should be available to everyone.

We have gone to great lengths to try to buy ethically reared, free range meat for ourselves but noticed that for working individuals it isn’t always easy to get to the farm shop on time… We want to make real food available to people that may not currently have access to it so we deliver locally for free, our nationally by courier. At present we supply free range, traditional and rare breed pork raised on our smallholding, but by popular demand will also be providing organic, 100% pastured local lamb and beef. We also sell multicoloured free range eggs. At present 60% of pork in Britain is imported-It doesn’t need to be like this-Make a change, buy British meat..


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We feel strongly about reducing food miles, at present 60% of pork products sold in the UK are imported. Help reduce this-make a change and buy local food.